VinylVista Record Player Stand

Sale price$49.99
Color: Brown
5-Year Warranty
Free Shipping and Returns
  • Expansive Vinyl Record Storage: Nothing infuses your living space like carefully crafted furniture that doubles as vinyl record storage. Stylish and functional, Loft + Ivy's vinyl record shelf allows you to store, display, and enjoy your vinyl passion at home. The Vinyl Vista Record Player Table also includes an album playing holder, headphone hooks, and a hole to hide cables.
  • Versatile Record Stand: The number of different uses this vinyl player has (almost) rivals the number of records it can store. The Vinyl Vista Record Player Stand can add a touch of personality to your living room, bedroom, music room, or office without being a record holder. It will store a book worm's personal library, your favorite electronics, potted plants for those with a green thumb, and decorative pieces that simply need a home.
  • Easy-to-Setup Vinyl Record Storage Shelf: Gone are the days of mind-numbing assembly instructions for soulless, mass-produced-furnishings. In addition to a step-by-step user manual, Loft + Ivy included a QR code for an easy how-to video to help you nail this vinyl stand’s setup.
  • High Quality Materials: Combined with its versatile design, high-quality materials are how the Vinyl Vista Record Player Stand unleashes your inner decorator. This record holder stand is carefully curated so it has the flair and character needed to bring character to every corner of your home.
  • Quality Reigns Supreme: Loft + Ivy meticulously crafts our pieces with an eye towards timeless style, allowing them to seamlessly blend across seasons and years. Our vision is simple: customers should effortlessly expand their collection of pieces over time, adapting to changing needs and tastes. Loft + Ivy isn't just another brand; we're your trusted partner in making your home the ultimate gathering place.

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